Nikol Angel’s Weekly Public Offerings:

Monday - 3:00-5:00pm Community Acupuncture; Foundation of Vibrant Living

Tuesdays-10:30-11:30 Restorative Flow and Sound Bath; Flow Yoga Studio, Hood River

Wednesdays -3:00-5:00pm Community Acupuncture; Foundation of Vibrant Living

Thursday - 9:00-10:00am, Therapuetic Yoga; Foundation of Vibrant Living

Friday - 9:00 - 11:00am, Community Acupuncture; Foundation of Vibrant Living

Nikol Angel’s Private Treatment Offerings

Initial Consultation and Treatment


Begin here for find your healing path with Nikol Angel. A patient’s first visit consists of an in-depth consultation, East Asian diagnostic techniques, an individualized treatment plan, and a starter treatment. You’ll discuss your current health, past medical history, and future wellness goals and treatment options such as Eastern therapies, herbal prescriptions, or lifestyle depending on the your specific conditions.


Pain Management


This treatment session provides a path toward healing those acute and chronic pains that are keeping you from living your fullest life. Nikol’s Pain Management treatments are a focused use of East Asian medicine, primarily acupuncture and massage, to relieve pain, restore mobility, and heal injury. Nikol will also advise you on some gentle movements practice that will enhance the results of each treatment support your long-term reduction in pain.


Sacred Element Session

90 Minutes 

This treatment is balanced by use of East Asian Medicine, Aromatherapuetics, energetic bodywork, and the healing energetics of stones and crystals. In combining these modalities, Nikol treats the patient at the physical, emotional, and energetic level to give deep healing.



Private Mindful Movement Instruction


Nikol focuses on your unique body mechanics, and creates a movement program to give you what you need to feel more at ease in your body. Nikol uses her combined knowledge of yoga asana, kriya yoga, qi gong, anatomoy and physiology to find your sweet spot!

Private Ecstatic Breathwork

120 MINUTES   

This is an individualized breathwork experience using the techniques of Nikol’s Ecstatic Breathwork classes at a level of one-on-one intimacy. Let Nikol guide you to release held energy and emotion, move beyond limiting patterns, and find your still point. All this is accomplished with simple breath patterns and focused intention.

Guided Shamanic Drum Journey

Guided Shamanic Drum Journey

DreamWork and Soul Consciousness Inquiry


Sit with Nikol and delve into the rich world of your subconscious mind to unearth patterns and gain insight into

Intuitive Crystal Healing

Rose Quartz.JPG


The energetic resonance of stones and crystals is intuitively used to heal energetically and emotionally. Nikol intuitively uses the stones to balance the natural energy systems of the human body and restore harmony.

*For existing patients only