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Thank you for bringing your teaching to Hood River Foundation Of Vibrant Living. We are honored to hold space for you to offer your gifts and wisdom to your students and our community. The following document provides a reference for the policies of use of the Hood River Foundation Of Vibrant Living Lounge, and as a mutual agreement to add a class to the Hood River Foundation Of Vibrant Living schedule.

Your time to offer class is not secure until you have completed and signed this agreement.

Intention and Use of Space

The Lounge at Hood River Foundation Of Vibrant Living is a community space and multi-purpose throughout each day. During the week practitioners are renting space in the separate rooms. They direct clients to use back entrances when offerings are in progress but do know that some traffic through the main building is a possibility, and likely during the week. All instructors and practitioners respect the sanctity of the space, and things usually stay pretty quiet.

We simply ask that you keep the door going into the kitchen closed at all times and respect the kitchen as a quiet space-there is a Massage Therapist with her office right on the other side. We also ask to keep the door going into the hallway that leads to the bathroom closed at all times and respect that hallway as a quiet space - there are two treatment rooms there.

Your rental of the Hood River Foundation Of Vibrant Living Lounge will include use of yoga mats, bolsters, blankets, the cozy fireplace, and bathroom. In the waiting area you will find complimentary tea for your students as well as a water pitcher and glasses. Instructors will be responsible for washing dishes, putting away yoga gear, etc. We ask you to refer to the opening and closing procedures found in this agreement for full instructions in conducting a class start to finish. These will also be posted on the refrigerator in the kitchen.

We schedule classes with 30 minutes between each class so know that you will have roughly a 15 minute buffer before and after class for setup and cleanup. If you need more time than that, it is your responsibility to include that time in your rental option. We ask that you respect the other offerings and instructors before and after you.


A kitchen is available for use. There are minimal pots and pans, cutting boards, knives and silverware as well a refrigerator, toaster oven and stove. It is an option to include use when renting the space though there is a treatment room right by the kitchen. We ask that you please communicate your kitchen use intention and we can coordinate what is possible. If you are seeking catering, a contact list of local business can happily be provided upon request.

Instructor Obligations

Each instructor is responsible for advertising their class, registering their students, and collecting payment. Hood River Foundation Of Vibrant Living would love to help in promoting your class! If you make ‘Hood River Foundation Of Vibrant Living’ the location and co-host on Facebook this will add your event to Hood River Foundation Of Vibrant Living calendar reaching their audience. Your offering will be included on the website schedule ( and printed on the monthly schedule that is left in the lounge. **The printed schedule requires you to have fully submitted your event by the last week of the prior month. **

Overall, the best way to ensure attendance is for you to reach out to your students without relying on Hood River Foundation Of Vibrant Living. Gorge Current it a wonderful, free resource to advertise local events. Laura Jack hosts the group of “Hood River Healers” on facebook and has a mailing list that coordinates networking and advertising outlets through the gorge. They typically meet up monthly.

Lastly, each instructor is responsible for carrying proper insurance for their practice or business to cover themselves and their students during activities at the Hood River Foundation Of Vibrant Living Lounge.

Rental Rates and Payment

Several options exist for rental rates and duration. This will depend mostly on the type of class you are offering.

The Hood River Foundation Of Vibrant Living Lounge may be rented at $25 an hour, or $75 for a half day and $125 for a full day. The times slots would roughly be 9am-1pm or 2pm-6pm for half days. Contact Hood River Foundation Of Vibrant Living about which dates you are seeking and time preferences to find out more about time frames. The time frames may be flexible depending on other offerings.

A regular class offering has the option to either pay the $25 an hour fee or to choose a 30/70 split where 30% of total earnings (before other expenses) goes to Hood River Foundation Of Vibrant Living. A regular class offering qualifies as a weekly or monthly offering at a consistent time and day of the week or month, that is committed to a minimum of 3 months. After the initial contract expires, you have the option to extend it and change your payment preference if desired.

If you are offering a regular weekly class, we ask that immediately after your last class of the month you either write a check or leave cash in the exact amount due.

If you are offering a monthly event or one time event, we ask that you provide payment immediately following the end of your event also in exact cash or check.

There is a folder below the sink by the tea and water station for you to leave payment. Please make checks to ‘Laughing Mountain LLC’

Absence or Class Cancellation

This agreement will be signed to secure your spot on the schedule. A cancellation fee will apply if your course (series, one-time event or weekly class all together) is cancelled without at least 30 days notice. If such a cancellation occurs, a $25 an hour fee will be charged for the classes you cancel with a maximum fee of $100. This fee does not apply in cases of emergency or if you give 30 days notice prior to your first class of the contract. I.e. if you are offering a monthly class and cancel the last two right after the first one, that is not sufficient. The 30 days notice must be before the agreed contract begins.

If you need to change anything in your contract after it’s been signed and submitted such as dates or any logistical information we charge and admin fee of $15 to update the contract, schedules, posted event schedules, etc.

When teaching a weekly class, if there are days you know you will be unavailable to teach, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible whether class will be canceled or you find a sub. To avoid a fee of $25 an hour we ask that you give us at least one week notice to post the changes on the website. We ask that you communicate with us to make sure a note gets left on the front door. Someone at Hood River Foundation Of Vibrant Living is generally available to do so and is happy to do so, but if we are unavailable it’s up to you to guarantee all students are informed of the cancellation. We ask that you do your best to inform your students of any changes. We allow two classes canceled per a 3 month contract (not including major holidays, or days you find a sub) following the above procedure otherwise you will be charged the $25 an hour fee described above. Consistency is important in respect to your students and Hood River Foundation Of Vibrant Living.

Scheduling an Offering

We ask that you visit to view our current schedule to get an idea of what times frames, days and dates are available for you to request. Once you have found a suitable time and we confirm, we ask that you fill out the information asked below via email - copy and paste to fill in, and we will finalize an electronic contract from there for you to sign and secure the agreement. (It’s appreciated if you can leave the question/inquiry portion in bold and put your response in regular font. Thank you!)

If you have no interest in us sharing your event and you’re purely advertising yourself, or it’s a private event like a baby shower, we can simply put on our website calendar the title with your contact details or ‘Private Event’ to mark off the time and you do not need to fill out the information below.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask! The best way is to email It can also be arranged for you to come see the space if you have not.


Full name (add credentialing titles you want to be included):

Business name (if applicable):


Class Title:

Class time/s and date/s, start to finish:

Class Description:

Condensed description for printed material (1-3 sentences):


Is registration required?

If yes, registration details:


Phone number:


Is it okay to share email, phone number and website with public?

Facebook Page:

Which rental agreement do you choose? I.e. $25/hour, $75/half day, $125/full day, 30/70 split, etc.?

Anything else you would like to share?

Procedures for using the Hood River Foundation Of Vibrant Living Lounge

The key is located in the lock box out the back door off 11th Street and only works on the deadbolt of the back door on the main floor (the handle is broken). The front door must be dead-bolted from the inside. On the lockbox, you must enter the code, hold the top black latch down to reinsert the key and close the lock box.

You will be provided the lock box code once your offering is finalized.

If for any reason you need anything you can contact either:

Randy: 541 490 9350

Nikol: 541 399 3439

Pre-Class Set-Up

  • Turn on the lights in the hallway to the bathroom located at the bottom of the stairs going up to the second floor, in waiting/tea area by the entrance to the kitchen and in the lounge area located by the front door.

  • Turn on hot water dispenser (big black box next to the water station). There is a red flip switch on the back of the machine.

  • Turn on fireplace with remote. You shouldn’t need to change any settings. If the remote does not work, remove the screen on the front of the fireplace (gets hot when fire is on) and there is a red slide button/switch on the left. When on ‘Auto’, the remote will work. When you select ‘On’ or ‘Off’ the fireplace will react but it disables the remote.

  • Fill water pitcher, add any clean and dry cups from the dish rack.

  • Unlock front door

  • Keep kitchen door closed at all times. Kitchen is a quiet zone.

  • Keep door to hallway/bathroom closed. Also a quiet zone.

Post-Class Clean-Up

  • Wash any cups or dishes that were used and leave them in the dry rack or on the wooden island on a dry towel if rack is full.

  • Sweep if needed. The broom in on the right side of the refrigerator.

  • Tidy up prop shelf, putting away anything you used.


Each treatment door when in use has an “In Session” sign that will be on the door handle. There are two treatment rooms in the hallway where the restroom is, and one in the back of the kitchen on the way to the back exit door. Upstairs should be taken care of by the practitioners so just worry about downstairs unless we instruct you otherwise. If no one is in session downstairs, please lock up. When in doubt, lock up!

  • Lock front door deadbolt from the inside.

  • Turn off hot water machine.

  • Leave payment in folder below the sink that is by the tea and water station in the waiting area.

  • Turn off all lights.

  • Lock the back door on your way out leaving the key in the lock box. Only the deadbolt works, the door handle is broken and can be left alone.

If you are ever unsure if you are the last one in the building, lock up as if you were just to be safe. Thank you!


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