A Home for Everyday Practices to Nourish, Rejuvenate, and Inspire.

At the Foundation for Vibrant Living, we are slowing down, we are being still, we are listening into the silence, and we are hearing...Ourselves. We are discovering the truth of our being, which is profound in its simplicity.


We invite our community, our friends, our family, our Tribe to gather with us in this Work. This is the work of Vibrant Living! All you need to bring is yourself, right where you are at, just who you are. Leave everything else behind: all the masks, all the doubts, all the judgements and simply join your essence in celebration of the completeness that exists in a life lived Vibrantly.


Randy Goetz, Co-Founder of the Hood River Foundation of Vibrant Living

Randy is a lifelong dreamer, and has always let his imagination and heart lead the way. The result is a life lived as a perennial seeker that finds inspiration and learning in the beauty of natural world, the company of good people, and the promise of the next adventure. He pours his passions into the Sound Alchemy that he facilitates at the Foundation of Vibrant Living.


Nikol Angel, Founder of the Hood River Foundation of Vibrant Living


Nikol Angel is an Earth Mama, Medicine Woman. She is a Plant Mystic, Soul Alchemist who weaves the ancient wisdoms of Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Western Herbalism. She walks the Wise Woman Spiral Path smelling flowers, drinking tea and collecting magic stones. She is the original founder of Good Medicine Tea and the current Director of the Hood River Foundation of Vibrant Living in Hood River, Oregon.