A Home Destined for Healing

The beautiful building that houses the Foundation of Vibrant living was built as a residence in 1913. Throughout the years, this house has seen several owners and uses. But for the last several decades, the house on the corner of May and 11th streets has been a place for healing. Known as the Klahre house for many years, and most recently the location of the Next Door Foundation, this home has seen several generations of young people receive guidance and counseling along their way.

The Foundation of Vibrant Living is the next evolution of the care and healing that has been provided within these walls over the years.


The Foundation of Vibrant Living is Born

Nikol Clark and Randy Goetz became the owners of the building in 2014. Following a period of loving renovation and remodel, they opened the Good Medicine Lounge Tea House and Nikol Angel Acupuncture. The house came to life after several years of vacancy and quickly established itself as a place of sanctuary and relaxation. Before long, the many rooms in the house were filled with Health and Wellness Practitioners and an organic progression towards a Wellness Center took place. In June of 2018, Nikol and Randy decided it was time to fully embrace the Healing Community that had gathered and create the Hood River Foundation of Vibrant Living.

At the Foundation for Vibrant Living, we are slowing down, we are being still, we are listening into the silence, and we are hearing...Ourselves. We are discovering the truth of our being, which is profound in its simplicity.

We invite our community, our friends, our family, our Tribe to gather with us in this Work. This is the work of Vibrant Living! All you need to bring is yourself, right where you are at, just who you are. Leave everything else behind: all the masks, all the doubts, all the judgments and simply join your essence in celebration of the completeness that exists in a life lived Vibrantly.

Who We Are

Nikol Angel is an Earth Mama, Medicine Woman. She is a Plant Mystic, Soul Doctor who weaves the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine and Intuitive Shamanic healing.

She is Founder of Good Medicine Tea, the Founder of the Hood River Foundation of Vibrant Living, and owner of Nikol Angel Acupuncture.


Hood River Foundation of Vibrant Living.JPG

Randy Goetz is a life-long learner, spirit seeker, naturalist and Old Soul. Randy has always found sanctuary in music and has played a variety of instruments since he was 13. He got hooked on the guitar at 18 and went deep into American roots music over the years. As his Journey has deepened, the spirit of his music has deepened as well. Tibetan bowls, Native American flute, drum, rattle, and voice are now added to his guitar. Randy brings these healing and transcendental sounds to the Foundation of Vibrant Living in Breathwork, Community Acupuncture, and Sound Meditation.

When he isn’t navigating energetic sonic landscapes, Randy is connecting deeply to the natural world through his work as a Geologist and Hydrologist restoring damaged river ecosystems throughout the western United States.